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Dr. Demko's ZOOMER Zoomers, Are You an A-Namer or a Z-Namer

Dr. David J. Demko, Clinical Gerontologist, PhD, University of Michigan
AgeVenture® News Service 11/26/2016

ZOOMERS™, Boomers with Zip (Demko, 1998) is now in its 18th year, heralding the positive aspects of living a long, healthy, energetic life. The ubiquitous Zoomer brand is encouraging boomers around the globe in the print and broadcast media.

As with most popular concepts, there are attempts made to dilute or misinterpret the ZOOMER concept.

So, this column is written to introduce the ZOOMER concept to gerontology's newcomers, as well as, refresh the concept throughout the gerontological professions in the public and private sectors.

As the Youth'n Up® brand advocates, the human body is built to last 120 years, yet life-expectancy averages only 79 years (USA). The ZOOMER longevity traits are intended to help boomers gain back those lost 41 years, and live a full, twelve decades of life.

I coined the term, Zoomer® to brand a new subculture of the Boomer Generation. Creating the intellectual property grew from my masters thesis and doctoral dissertation, each focusing on segmentation of the older population in two types of institutional settings.

The first institutional setting focused on segmentation of the older population in senior citizen centers. The research, "Utilization, Attrition, and the Senior Center" was published in the Journal of Gerontological Social Work (Haworth Press: New York 1979).

The second institutional setting focused on segmentation of the older population on college campuses. The research, "The Aging Education Continuum" was published In New Directions in Continuing Education, Jossey-Bass Publishers: San Francisco, CA 1982).

In 1987, I coined the term, OPALS® (Older People with Active Lifestyles) and OPALS ran as an internationally syndicated newspaper column in major newspapers across the USA and Canada.

In March of 1998, the inaugural issue of ZOOMER magazine was launched by AgeVenture® News Service, publishing 12 issues per year.

Other qualitative and quantitative research pertaining to market segmentation, institutional development, and programming appear in publications listed here

And now, back to the "A-Namers versus Z-Namers" theme of this article.
The A-Namer is a pioneer, the first, the real thing.
The Z-Namer is the last letter of the alphabet, a Mosley-come-lately.
Well, just how do you earn either an A-Namer or Z-Namer rating?

The A-Namer produces the research that creates the intellectual property, in this case, the coining of a new brand of boomer, a boomer with zip, a.k.a. Zoomer.

The A-Namer publishes the intellectual property in order to contribute to the advancement of longer, active, healthy lifestyles.

The A-Namer offers the published research to anyone seeking to likewise advance the cause of successful aging. The cost? Attribute the intellectual property to the rightful author. That is how publication works.

The Z-Namer plagerizes the A-Namer work.

The Z-Namer claims other people's work as his own.

The Z-Namer discovers his claims are exposed as false.

Rather than apologize, the Z-Namer cowardly continues to retract his claims, revising his meandering fable in response to each new discovery of his fraud.

In response to yet another one of Z-Namer's countless plagerisms, I penned the following lyric.

There once was a Z-Namer born to pretend
whose logic, so inane, he lived to offend.
For all those searching for genuine-Zoomer facts
Z-Namer offered nonsense, both contrary and lax.
Oh, what a legacy. Here lies a liar, lying's dead-end.

ZOOMERS are the boomers who are coloring outside the lines, zig-zaging and zoooooming toward a bright new horizon chock-full of possibilities for reinventing retirement and redefining what it means to be a mature adult in the new millennium.

Zoomer Boomer defined Are you a BOOMER?
You are if your birthday falls between 1946 and 1964. That birth period defines you as one America's the Post-World-War-II Baby Boomers. However, birth dates alone don't tell you much about how a person thinks or acts. Not all Boomers think and act the same. Some Boomers are breaking new ground, re-defining aging and re-inventing retirement. That's why I coined the term ZOOMER to identify this trend-setting group of Boomers.

Are you a ZOOMER?
The answer is "yes", if you have achieved the nine longevity lifestyle traits in the operational definition (see text bo Dr. Demko's latest ZOOMER™ book, 5th in the series, reports on decade-long (1998-2008) research producing the Longevity Personality, traits that transform a Boomer into the author's trademark personality type, a ZOOMER™.

You are a BOOMER if your birthday falls between 1946 and 1964. No other qualifications necessary.

ZOOMER™ status must is achieved by adopting what the author calls the traits of a ZOOMER™ lifestyle.

Join the Retirement Renaissance ... a bold, new brand of maturity ... advocating spirited, AgeVenturous® lifestyles.

Click on the Book Cover below to read a sample chapter @ Amazon Books.

Dr. David Demko reports that the proverbial Fountain of Youth is not a place, but a lifestyle called ZOOMER ... Boomers with zip.

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