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CEO, Dr. David J. Demko, PhD U-Michigan, provides proven strategies for success in the 50-plus market. His achievements receive high praises from clients in Fortune 500, licensed professions, print-broadcast news, charitable foundations, small business, and government agencies. See media clips and clients served.

A recipient of three White House Commissions on Aging, as well as, the Reagan Congressional Medal for Public Service Leadership, David consistenly receives recognition for excellence in the service of public and private sector clients.

Dr David Demko, Clinical Gerontologist
Media Praise for David Demko

David's trademark and copyright brands include
Youth'n, . AgeVenture News, . AgeVenture magazine,... ZOOMERS - Boomers with Zip,...
Zip TV, . Zoomer Nation, . ZOOMER magazine, . OPALS - Older People with Active Lifestyles.